Skull Base Surgery

Skull base surgery is an established branch of which combines the skills of head and neck and neurosurgery to address tumors located in this “no man’s “ land viz . between the intracranial contents and the areas in the H&N region specifically ethmoids , orbit, nasopharynx , and posterior aspect of the temporal bone as it joins the occipital bone . Dr Shenoy did his first successful craniofacial resection for an ethmoidal cancer invading anterior skull base in 1988 with Dr Narayanaswamy at NIMHANS , Bangalore . Subsequently he was trained at the university of Zurich with the famous Prof Ugo Fisch and at London by Prof A D Cheeseman, He established a Skull Base training program in collaboration with Dept of Neurosurgery at NIMHANS . He has numerous publications in the field of skull base surgery which have attested to the efficacy of this form of surgery in appropriately selected patients.

Skull base surgery can be broadly divided into anterior skull base surgery, middle cranial base surgery and posterior cranial base surgery . With this approach , head&neck and neurosurgeons combine their surgical skills to safely resect tumors in these areas and reconstruct the defect if necessary with appropriate reconstructive surgery. Over the years skull base surgery has developed into a established surgical domain which has consistently yielded local control in the realms of 60-80 % in an area that was hitherto deemed “unresectable” by conventional H&N or neurosurgery .